Who we are 

Kingfisher Herbs

We are a family run business based in the heart of rural Staffordshire. I’m Charlotte and I manage the everyday running of Kingfisher Herbs.

Our Mission 

Growing and nurturing plants has always been a passion having had my own section in the family garden as a child.

My career began as a florist, where I then grew to have my own successful shop, then then children arrived! Now that they are old enough to help it’s time to put my passion for growing back into good use.

I have always loved using fresh produce when cooking and fresh herbs are no exception, and I know there are many of you that share my passion.

I’m aiming to make herbs more available to everyone for indoor windowsill and outdoor growing. There will be everyday herbs including Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and Parsleys to name but a few, but alongside these there will be some more unusual varieties such as After Eight Mint, Chocolate Mint and orange scented Thyme amongst many more.

My other passion is for the outdoors. Wildlife and nature mean a lot to me and I’m fortunate enough to live somewhere that has so much of this to offer, including a pair of nesting Kingfishers hence the name.

The herbs create a lot of bee and insect friendly flowers, a must for any garden. If you don’t have a large garden then herbs do as well in pots on your patio, great to nip out to get your herbs for dinner, or on your kitchen windowsill. Let your cooking be inspired by the herbs you use…..

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